Noha M. Khalifa, LCPC. | Chicago, IL | Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the Chicago Area
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One of the hardest moments in life is the realization that you may be

struggling with a problem or are feeling stuck. Seeking help is not easy.

Visiting this site already proves that you are insightful, brave, and courageous enough to begin your journey of introspection.

Therapy is an individual process that helps clients safely begin a journey of exploration, analyses, and ultimately, understanding and happiness. We all experience pain, suffering, confusion, and difficult decisions. When reaching a roadblock it is helpful to turn to someone for guidance and support. While therapy is a collaborative effort, the ultimate solution is found within you. I will help guide you to that realization in a safe, nonjudgmental, uniquely tailored approach.

Hope through therapy
Clarity Through Therapy
Healing through therapy
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